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When it comes to choosing a horse scale, you need to ensure you combine ease of use with accuracy. With our equine weighing scales, you can manage exactly that. The high quality durable scale is designed to be the lightest weight and the lowest profile scale available. Easy to set up and use, which means less stress for your horses.

Equine weighing scales in the UK and abroad


• Monitor weight gain/loss to establish the correct feed regime


• Establish the most efficient racing weight


• Monitor competition and travel stress and recovery rate


• Establish accurate dosage for worming, anaesthetic, tetanus, or vaccine


• Ensure foal growth rate is controlled.

Equine scales you can trust

Our designs make it simple for one person to transport and set up the scales, so they can be used anywhere.


Need to weigh a different animal? Our scales can be used for farming, veterinary and industrial purposes.

Horse scales that are simple to use and transport

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